Reverse Engineering and Malware Analysis

by crudd

int 3
cmp rax, [challenges]
jz [tools]
mov rax, [links]


Sleepbook - PancakesCon 2024 CTF Challenge
Getting Intimate with Emotete - Part 1: Dissecting the Emotet Loader
Solving Flare-On 5 'Magic' using Bruteforce Injection
SiceDbg: Making OllyDbg act more like our beloved Softice [2005] - Files
KeyGen Injection 2.0 [2002] - Files
Removing the EULA Messagebox from Programs Created with MSVC++ 6.0 Introductory Version [2001?]
Reversing _extasy's DllLord [2001] - My Solution | Solution by SantMat | DllLord by _extasy
More to come... [2018]